An open letter of love and trust to the people of planet earth.

To my fellow earth occupiers, all of you,

I hold a piece of this earth as mine. I have a legal tenancy. UK law says so.

My realisation – today –  is that I no longer wish to remain under the military protectorate that guarantees that tenure.

I need to secure my home directly with you.

So, I am assessing the use-value of the space on this earth I take up at present. This is the value any of you might put on the right to use the space I take up. I wish this to be paid to you – to you all – directly.

This today feels a more dignified way to hold the place I occupy from you than the armed threats of violence that have till now secured my tenancy.

My assessment of the value today that I or any of you might put on the right to use my piece of the earth is £300.00 GBP per month.  (This is the ground rent I am volunteering, not the rent of my house.)

The algorithmic means to transfer this to you is yet to be built. However, I now declare that goods and services to the value of £300 each month are available to you from me. This is your direct dividend resulting from my pleasure in occupying my place.

With love and trust to y’all directly,

Jonty from Devon

PS My declaration is that this payment is of higher priority than my acquiescence to the enforced payments demanded of me by the power-hungry governments who at present are failing to protect my family’s security.

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