A Loud Declaration

A loud Declaration

A clearer understanding of the difference between types of property, Just two types of property, has all the marks of being at the centre of a spring uprising.  A Spring Jubilee perhaps.

The one type:

This is the hold you and I have on the space we take up. The space you and I take up has measurable dimensions. Most obviously and firstly is land. We are land owners and land users. There are plenty of other landowners and land users who can now consider what of earth’s dimensions they occupy. There are plenty of dimensions to this earth that we, collectively, have measured.  Geometrically, geographically, geologically, geo-dynamically, geo-orbitally.

Once considered, an estimate of the ongoing use-value of a place can be determined with reference to the keenness of those who would use it.  This use-value is solely by courtesy of the public and so belongs to the public. We need to find ways that it can be distributed directly to the people of the planet.

And the other type,

The property that arises from what you and I make out of the space we use. This type of property belongs solely to us. It includes all the goods and services that arise out of the efforts of you and me. There comes a clarity of understanding that all the proceeds of what you and I do belongs to us to use/trade/exchange/employ as we feel fit. All that you and I make out of the space we use may be called rightfully ours.


My declaration is that each month I hereby allocate the use-value rent for the space I take up as revenue for public use.

The enforced taxing, fining, and fee impositions that at present supply the public revenue will soon become more obvious as the theft by the powerful that it is.

I make this simple declaration: I trust the public directly, and declare that the (estimate for this year, £300.00 per month) belongs to the public I deal with directly. This is my earth rent.

This trust will serve our families’ protection better that the global institutions of management that you and I are suffering under right now. The fees and fines and threats that our governments and our money systems are imposing right now are failing to secure my future or the future of my family.

So, I am also declaring that his £300.00 a month I see as a priority expenditure. A first priority expenditure. It is to directly safeguard the good manners that society treats my family. Payments for current demands from the failing systems come after as a lower priority.

This may see be seen, not as a threat to current institutions, but as a gift to them. They may now take time to begin to appreciate the measurable dimensions of the spaces of the earth they occupy. They might then use the rent of these spaces either for public services or release space on the earth for others to have a hold on a portion of the planet.

We all may then enjoy the more straightforward task of defending what is seen to properly belong to either public or private concerns.

It makes me happy to know there is a way.


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