devon ‘edges

feb 2016 001

The above picture shows an old Devon lane with mature chestnut trees growing on and in a typical Devon hedge bank. This journal will explore the value of this ancient cultural practice and its relevance in helping to address the dangerous times we are all living in.

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This picture shows the dilapidated remains of an prehistoric boundary at a hill called Liddy Ball in Devon.

We are nearly three weeks into this community inspired and community funded project to make new and remake some proper ‘edges – proper Devon edges. Regular progress report will be posted here.

I can’t believe the words for hedge and edges are not properly one and the same…

As you can see from some of these picture of various Devon hedges, these edges between lanes and fields, or between one place and another are not insubstantial structures.

feb 2016 011
Ancient Denbury Down in the background, a cleaned out ditch and flail trimmed hedge, keeping maintained a boundary that has, most likely, been directing water and shelter where it is most needed for several thousand years
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A deep lane with its edge either side providing a sheltered way between Buckfastliegh and South Brent
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A newly made stone faced edge of a husbandry school, built by students and staff in 2012